Hilton Head is 12 miles long and 4 miles wide and is one of the famous vacationing spots. If you like biking, you can ride on the east side of the oceanfront viewing the multimillion dollar houses and harsh winds pushing you forward. To read more on real estate news and tips you can browse through http://realtytimes.com for more information. You can also find agents, market conditions, and outlook through this site.

Hilton Head is a famous place to visit in South Carolina particularly by Ohio People. The reason behind it is that Charles Fraser the father of Hilton Head started advertising this place to beach lovers in the Ohio State. This was termed as “the Ohio Strategy, ” and it continues for every summer. The latest generations from Ohio still gather north of the Georgia border to enjoy fun activities like golf, bike and water activities like boating. Some people just catch up to enjoy the beach.
People who are long-time islanders pass a joke that Hilton Head is just an extension on the south of Ohio State. The shops around Hilton Head sell Buckeye Beach T-shirts and other souvenirs of the Buckeye State.

There is no need to break your head on the things to do in Hilton Head. Either you are a first time visitor or a regular visitor, you call easily fill your days with plenty of activities to do.
Hilton Head has a public beach having access points at equal intervals. They have dramatic tide swings which are on an average between 5 and 11 feet. The lifeguards cannot sit in one place, and they have to move their chairs front and back from the waterline consistently.

If you love shopping, you need not travel much as the downtown is close by. Once you visit Hilton Head, then you may opt to visit the same place over and over again.