December 11, 2016

Studies suggest that the ancient belief of being on the ocean side may give good health, is turning out to be true.

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According to the website, an epidemiologist attending a science policy conference, mentioned about the research that indicated spending time by the beach may give a lot of positive effects and also mentions people always just focus on the negative impact caused to the human health by harmful algal blooms, floods, and pollution.

One may feel healthy, being close to the ocean. In fact, doctors also prescribe to have a vacation at the beach and drop into a Bathing Hospital (Specific health centers render sea water treatments). In recent times scientists began studying the health benefits of the ocean.

Doctors at the University of Exeter’s European Centre for Human Health and Environment, have recently begun a project “Blue Gym” to learn and study how natural water environments is used to support well-being and human health.

In an experiment conducted, the participants were shown a few images of cities, green fields, and ocean views. When asked to prefer one for holidaying along with the expected room rates for those views, the results showed maximum members present at the event were willing to pay more and preferred ocean side view.

When people are put in a beach environment, there is nothing to be surprised; to see them calm and relaxed says an environmental psychologist at Exeter. He also mentions that enormous people have a good impact on their health. A census data in England on the effects of living near the shore also shows that people who live closer to the coast reported a better health. The ocean side environment also encourages physical activities and reduces stress. The closer you move to the seashore, your well-being improves significantly.

It is a general thought that; people residing near the coast are simply wealthier and have better access to the health care. However, the study found that socio-economically deprived communities have a greater impact on ocean’s health benefits. They are also performing lab experiments, to determine the physiological benefits of coastline living with the life of people experiencing stressful conditions like a dental surgery that appears at a virtual beach or dental room. Ongoing with the trails in the early stage of the study suggests people report of less pain with beach settings. Ocean exposure is an effective procedure or therapy, like surfing, may increase the well-being of troubled kids.

The upcoming study needs to concentrate on similar health benefits in children and other population living near the coastal line. In addition to this, a research should be performed on the optimum time to be spent in the ocean. On the flip side, the ill effect on the beach environment with more human settling around is uncertain and remains a mystery.